Dalè, hit it, dalè dúro.

I have no clue why I just wrote that. Really don’t know why I named this piece Dalè. Let’s see if it stays the same by the time I finish.

Currently sitting in the den, staring at an iPhone screen. “uptown funk” playing on the radio. I’m jammin’ chillin waiting a few more minutes till I go pick up the lil one. I wanted to open the app and just start typing away, my thumbs running a marathon to tell a story.  

Instead, I am sitting here writing about nothing, no one will read it. Whatever I’m killing the time right,? In my head there is a silent movie playing. I see the characters moving about telling their voiceless stories. Watching their movements makes me want to narrate it, yet as I sit here, my thumbs stamp out a useless rant about wanting to write but not being able to. Wait, what?? How is this possible I start thinking to myself, I am literally seeing this movie play out, and I can hear the story, but it gets lost in translation. 

I guess it’s cause instead of relishing in it I am trying to narrate it. I’m not enjoying this flick right now, I have a headache. Tending to overthink things. I’m saving this draft at 4:41pm today 3/18/15. 


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