She stood at the doorway, listening. She saw him laying in bed on his side, as he did when he slept. But as she listened she realized he was only feigning sleep. He was playing coy. She smirked as she crept towards the bed. Her hand softly touching his calf, then slowly tracing fingers over his knee towards his thigh. He tried to hide the smile forming on his face, he turned into the pillow, but she caught him and chuckled. “Too bad you’re asleep,” she whispered, “I had so many plans for us.”  She lay next to him and continued tracing her fingers on his arm. No longer able to contain himself he rolled over to face her. They both giggled and as she arched an eyebrow her hands reached behind his head pulling him in for a kiss. He stopped and stared at her and said “too bad you’re awake, I had plans to wake you myself.”  They chuckled in unison, then hands explored as body temperatures rose.


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