INteracting INside SoCs

SoCs for today….use the word IN or any word with the prefix IN
Hmmm. Where shall I start?

I guess I will look INside of myself to INvestigate what INhibits me.
INstead of going nowhere I go everywhere with my INtentions well and head held high.
INstantly the urges surround me, INterrupting my stream of consciousness. But I push past those urges and INstigate a new purpose for myself.
The begining was hard, the INterim even harder but the outcome will be the INstant gratification of freedom from my vices.
I INtermittenly look for ways to change my INvestigation of myself, to INclude what is INtensely needed to survive the weeks of INcessant cravings and thought.
So I sit by INcandescent light to try and write, thoughts INtended to calm but INstead become INterminable reminders of my struggle for INdependence.

© C.S. Minor


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