Vivid Dreaming

Lately my mind has been plagued with vivid dreams.
Dreams so real they feel like life and the emotions felt in these dreams come back to me in real life.
I have woken up a few nights with tears streaming down my face, or woke myself up laughing like a mad woman.
I have woken up the entire household by screaming at the top of my lungs.
Always, always these dreams wake me up by 2:53am. That is on the nights I am not working and am able to sleep at home. So the last three nights I guess I should say. For some reason 2:53am I wake and stay awake till 3:40ish. Then at 6:15am I am up again from another dream.
They are so vivid I have to look around and make sure I am awake for real before moving out of my bed. The only way to get my brain to stop thinking about the dream is to stand up and walk around the house.
These dreams are random and have no real meaning to me. Most of the time I realize I am dreaming because something tips me off. Like I will suddenly have long blonde hair, or I will be speaking in a foreign accent.
Once,I realized I was dreaming because I actually glided over a body of water. Once I realize I am dreaming it becomes very peculiar and the dreams get even more vivid and confusing. I go from a dream of party planning my own funeral to suddenly getting married to a corpse as a corpse.
A king looking to marry me is suddenly transformed to a lion trying to eat me. I dreamt I was with Robin Williams in Jumanji and he became very upset when I broke out of character, he said I was ruining the dream. Yes dream, my dream told me I was ruining my dream. Dream Robin Williams told me I think too much and to stop trying to control dreamworld and just let my subconscious be.
I once dreamt I was in a zombie flick and was trying to revive a dead body while the grim reaper looked over my shoulder. I cried at the fact that my nameless friend was dead and I turned to the reaper to fight him. Suddenly we were in a morgue surrounded by bodies and all had reaper masks on and I couldn’t figure out which was him. So I tried to leave and and And I opened a door that led to a smaller door and then another smaller door until my own front door was in front of me and I actually screamed “Aha this is a dream reaper you can’t do shit to me.” Suddenly everything turned black and I awoke in a dark room laughing like a hyenna.
I know I am not losing my mind as I feel sane during the day. Maybe my subconscious is messing with me. Or maybe as Dream robin said I think too damn much.

Ok rant over. wheeww I needed that. Have a good day folks and sweet dreams if you can have them!!

© C.S. Minor


9 thoughts on “Vivid Dreaming

  1. It’s not unusual to have such vivid dreams, while I do prefer and most often have the happy ones. But seems like you have a lot on your mind and the plethora of thoughts are manifesting themselves into wildly imaginative scenes, some quite disturbing. I think it’s just your mind trying to purge itself. A good long tantric session should do the trick.

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    • Idk about that hun. I fear no man downstairs or up or sideways. I just have to start running again and get all this energy out of my body so it doesnt float to my head.


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