All good things come in threes… Chapter 3

Awaking from a night of drinking and debauchery, Lisa felt around the bed to caress Aubrey again. Instead of finding her new lover there was nothing but air under the sheets. She struggled to open her eyes against the bright light. The room was empty. Her eyes scanned the room, her dress and stockings were strewn about the floor, evidence that her clothes had indeed been ripped off. Or had they? She struggled to remember if what happened was real or if she merely fantasized again.

“Aubrey, hey are you here?” Lisa called out from her bed. Her head hung low, a hangover forming in the back of her skull. She slowly picked up her head and looked around the room. Did she really imagine all of the touching and kissing that she felt last night? There was no answer, unable to move she lay back down with the blanket over her face. She closed her eyes and tried to replay the night in her mind.
She remembered dancing at the lounge, eating at the diner, and taking a cab home. She smiled as she remembered how clumsy they both were trying to unlock the door, she remembered siting on the couch talking and Aubrey saying she needed a cab. “Oh fuck did I call her a cab? I thought I asked her to stay. Did I really imagine all of that? What the hell is going on?” She said aloud to herself.
The room started spinning and suddenly nausea set in. She got up quickly and ran to the bathroom. She was about to wrap herself around the toilet to throw up when she noticed the bathtub was full. There was remants of bubble soap and a pair of thongs on the floor. Thongs she knew did not belong to her, she picked them up and studied them. She smiled because at least this confirmed that she was not crazy. Feeling better about herself she decided to drain the tub and take a shower.
After showering she stood at the mirror and smiled at her reflection. She thought to herself what a great night it must have been and was a bit saddened at her lack of memory and wondered why Aubrey left without waking her.

Lisa walked into her bedroom and began picking up her clothes. She noticed a folded piece of paper on her nightstand and dropped everything. She stepped up to the nigtstand and slowly unfolded the paper. It was a note from Aubrey:
Darling, you looked so peaceful I did not dare disturb you. I watched you for a little while and you are even more beautiful when you sleep. I am so sorry to be leaving this way but I do need to get home to Derrick. Please call me soon, I really enjoyed our night and would love to do it again.
Lisa smiled and lay down on her bed letting her towel fall to the floor. She closed her eyes and tried to replay what happened after they sat on the couch.
She remembered standing at the foot of the bed and Aubrey lifting her dress up. She remembered feeling self conscious at her stretch marks and her pouchy belly but Aubrey being so sweet and kissing her everywhere. She remembered lifting Aubrey’s skirt and seeing a scar by her hip, and undoing her corset and seeing those beautiful breasts that were hidden beneath. The rest was a bit of a blur though, she struggled to recollect how they ended up in the tub. Lisa reached down and touched herself, she was a bit sore and that made her smile.
Lisa slowly got dressed and went down to get some breakfast and asprin for her headache, when she reached the kitchen she was surprised to see it was two in the afternoon, she did not know what time she fell asleep but she could not remember a time that she was not up and out of the house by eleven in the morning. She chuckled at this thought and made herself coffee and eggs anyway. She was going to take full advantage of her newfound happiness and breakfast for lunch sounded like a great start.

Back at home Aubrey smiled at Derrick.
“Hello love, did you miss me?” she asked him.
He replied while smiling “of course I did, you look like you had a great night. It’s been a long time since you come strolling in at noon. So how did it go?”
“Well, we had a great time at the lounge and went to eat afterwards. We went to her place and well you know” she winked at him while smirking.
“No I don’t know, please tell me, and get explicit with it.” He said to her as he stroked her breast with one hand and stroked his cock with the other hand.
Aubrey removed his hand and used her own to stroke him now, she used her most sultry voice and began telling him everything that happened.
“We sat on her couch talking for a few and I was about to leave, she stopped me and offered for me to stay. Then she showed me to her room, I slowly took her dress off and started kissing her shoulders, then her neck and as I got closer to her breast she started breathing faster and heavier. She took off my corset and stared at my bitties while taking off my skirt.” Aubrey spit in her hand to lubricate Derrick as she jerked him and he grunted and closed his eyes.
“Go on love please dont stop talking or touching me.” He whispered in her ear.
“Well,” She continued “I lay her down on the bed and I started licking her breasts as I touched her slowly. I didn’t go directly to touhing her soft wet pussy, I wanted to linger a bit get her really really hot. She was grabbing at me, I could tell she was unsure of what to do but she wanted to touch me so I lay on top of her and started kissing her mouth softly at first, when she opened her mouth I shoved my tongue in there. We kissed, my body on top of hers and she reached around and grabbed my ass. I reached down while still kissing her still atop her and wedged my hand between our pussies. I played with her mound for a bit, I knew she wanted me to feel inside her by the way she arched her back, but I held back honey, it was so arousing to know she wanted me. So I lay my body on the side of her now and used my hand, actually this same hand I am rubbing you with, to stroke her clit, I pressed on it and pinched it between my fingers. Kind of like this.” Aubrey said as she slid his hard penis between two figers and pinched softly.
“Aw babe don’t make me come yet, I want to hear more. Did you taste her?” Derrick whispered as he stroked he breast and panted.
Aubrey cobtinued “Hmm yes I did but not yet. I toyed with her clit a bit. I used her wetness and smeared it all over her clit. Oh she has a pretty one baby, It is pink and her lips close just enough that her inner lips poke out, as aroused as she was I coukd see her clit poking out like a little nipple. So I kept playing with her clit, rubbing it, pinching it, lightly tapping it, all the while I am suckling on her titty like a newborn baby. I could hear her getting close to coming, so I rubbed faster, pinched harder and I felt her coming on my hand. That’s when I put my mouth all over it babe, I sucked up all her come, and it was oh so sweet and juicy. I ate her pussy, baby, I liked her clit, sucked on it softly at first, I looked up at her and she was watching me.”

This turned Derrick on even more and he moaned “oh she likes to watch, oh how we love to be watched,”
Aubrey kissed his chest and continued stroking him and continued her story. “yes babe, she was looking at me with such lust in her eyes. It made me wet and I started licking and sucking on her clit even faster. She arched her back and grabbed the sheets, she started moving her hips with the rhytym of my licking and her moaning, Oh Derrick she moaned so loudly, like she was giving me approval, like a verbal high five, I put a finger inside her and she was so tight baby, so tight. Ooh you like that huh?? Don’t come yet baby, I am almost at the best part.”
Derrick was breathing rather quickly now he was about to climax. Hearing his love describe her night with Lisa was so sexy he almost couldn’t hold back. He grunted “go on baby I am almost there.”
“Well I played inside her for a few and she suddenly stopped me and sat up. She got up from the bed and went into the restroom. She motioned for me to follow and I did. She stepped in her shower and made me watch her as she wet her hair and lathered up her titties. She looked at me the entire time. I stood there leaning against the vanity touching my self as I watched her. Then she told me to get in and lathered me up starting with my back. She rubbed body wash all over my butt and reached around and lathered my breast. I stood there with my back facing her as she massaged my breasts with one hand and used her other hand to take the detachable shower head to rinse me off. Then she did something I never expected. She reached over me and pointed the shower head to my puss, baby she used one had to seperate my lips and the water hit my clit directly. I leaned my head back to kiss her, and she used one hand to hold my pussy open the other to control the shower head and was kissing me at the same time. After a few minutes she replaced the shower head and turned me around, she knelt down with the water hitting her back and used a finger to slide in me and started eating my pussy softly, slowly. It was so sensual and beautiful baby. She made me come quicker than I thought, she is so good with her fingers she found my G-spot quickly. We stepped out of the shower and she turned on her jaccuzzi tub, as it filled she kept kissing me, fondling my breast, and as we stepped into the tub she whispered in my ear ‘It is a shame that Derrick isn’t here to join us.'” Aubrey said, stroking him faster and she looked at his face as he came, she leaned down and licked the head of his cock, and sucked what was left out of it.

He lay there smiling and looked at his girl, she was so beautiful to him, she was everything he needed, the poly lifestyle was something he was ok with because he loved her so. Until now he really didn’t think it would really happen but it was, at least he hoped it would go through. He kissed Aubrey and said “She wanted me there? Hmm I think we can get to that, but first I want to finish what she started.”

He made love to her. At first it was that slow love making love but as he thought of Lisa and the chance of having both of them together he became more animalistic. He hoped she would be ok with the three of them being equal partners and lovers.

He fucked Aubrey hard. He wanted her to know he was hers, and she his. Regardless if things got serious between the three of them he was going to have Aubrey for all of his life and she would have him.

On the other side of town Lisa was telling Marissa everything that happened. Or at least what she could remember.
“So are you going to call her again? How long will you wait till you do?” Marissa asked.
Lisa replied smiling “I definitely will, I don’t know how long I will wait, maybe a day or two, but I will. Next time I see her I will not drink as much I want to remember everything we do. I hope eventually Derrick can join us to.”
She hung up with her friend and lay in the bed staring at the ceiling. Trying hard to recreate the night again she desperately wanted to know what happened and if she would be able to do it again.

© C.S. Minor


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