Lost my Love

I sat looking out the window,
waiting for that moment.
Looking at the world passing by,
a smile upon my face, the anticipation builds.
My thoughts run wild,
the posibilities of running my fingers through her hair.
To smell her beautiful scent,
kiss her lips, and hug her tightly.
What was missing from my life was her.
A piece to my broken puzzle.
The picture now visible,
a few more pieces and my masterpiece is complete.
To have her by my side would be the sweetest dream.
To hold her at night as we sleep.
To kiss her good morning it would be right.
So I sat and looked out the window,
waiting for that moment.
The phone rang and it was her.
I answered excited but the voice was not.
It was a man telling me the owner of the phone was hurt.
I stood up panicked, how could that be?
A shot rang through the night,
disturbing his sleep.
He ran down his stairs to the street.
There she lay blood on her chest.
I stopped him suddenly not wanting to hear the rest.
An innocent bystander is all that she was.
Walked through a war zone she never knew was there.
They took her in an ambulance but he knew not where.
I ran from my house and got in my car.
The nearest hospital was not too far.
I reached it and searched for her through curtained rooms.
Found her and still I stood.
Her face was more beautiful than it ever was.
Eyes closed, peacefully she slept.
I stood there and stared,
watched as I wept.
I waited so long, waited for that moment to come.
Now it was gone, along with my love.
She took her last breath,
as I stood there and wept.

© C.S. Minor


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