You give but you cannot take love

Sweet, soft, caring, the feel of your touch soothes and consoles.
Shivers down my spine and through the depths of my soul at the thought of you.
We lay in embrace never needing to speak,
only feeling the chemistry between us.
You hold my hand and look into me,
seeing past all of the negativity I hold within.
You see me, the real me.
The girl who was hurt and afraid to trust,
the one who loved but could not accept it in return.
I see a man who was also hurt, once maybe twice, a few more probably.
A man who had nothing but negativity handed to him,
but always was positive.
A man who gave love afraid to take love because to do so would open a door.
A door to hurt, rejection and feelings of mistrust again.
We lay here both knowing that what we each lacked in ourselves could be found in each other.
That we were capapble of Love but would not accept it.
It being easier to give it away, than to accept it and be hurt.
We lay here interlocked legs, fingers, and eyes.
We say nothing and everything with just the sounds of breaths taken in conjunction with the sounds of two beating hearts.
Two hearts beating in rythym afraid to accept what is needed to thrive.
Afraid to let another in, for fear of pain, but yet still willing to give it all away.
You give but you cannot take love,
and neither can I.
So let us give together and relish in the fact,
that the love given is recieved even if never acknowledge through words.
But better yet acknowledged through the intertwining of bodies beating, breathing, feeling as one.

© C.S. Minor


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