All good things come in threes…. chapter 2

A few days passed and Lisa kept thinking of that beautiful couple she met. Unsure of how long to wait, she kept the business card Aubrey gave her on the dresser. She wasn’t even sure how to approach the situation. Did she just text her cell? Or maybe shoot an email, or call and hope the voice mail picked up? Lisa was so nervous and could not explain why, it was after all, just one female calling another to hang out. She decided to call and it went straight to voicemail so she left a quick message with her number. She was thinking about this woman sexually, the last few days were spent with Lisa touching herself as she lay in bed. Not only thinking about Derrick and imagining what he looked like naked, but also thinking the same about Aubrey. It was a foreign feeling to her. Liking a female was strange, she had never felt this way before.

The phone rang and Lisa hesitated to answer. She waited till the fourth ring, knowing that after the next it would go to voicemail. She answered with a bit of hesitation, and shyly said hello.
“Hello, Lisa, how have you been?” Aubrey said softly.
She sounded so sexy on the phone Lisa thought to herself and slowly answered, “I have been good Aubrey, how are you and Derrick doing?”
They exchanged pleasantries and the conversation flowed easily. They spoke of work and life, it was as if they had been friends for a while and the conversation was a natural occurence.
Lisa was trying to think of the right time to bring up meeting with Aubrey. She didn’t want to seem desperate but she needed to see her again. It was almost two weeks since they had that chat at the café and Lisa could not stop thinking about her. Finally Lisa just put it out there, “You know I didn’t think you would call back, it has been a week since I left you the voicemail.”
Aubrey responded with “Oh honey I know I am sorry about that. It has been hectic at work lately and I was flying to Los Angeles and Las Vegas and back here to New York City. I am so jet lagged. But I made some great connections and I landed some big accounts, so I think a celebration is in order. Will you let me make it up to you? Let’s go for drinks this weekend to celebrate.”
“Oh, I am sorry I wasn’t implying that you did anything wrong, I am glad you finally called. Congratulations!, and yes we can definitely go celebrate this weekend. Where do you want to go?” Lisa said.
“Well I know a few places we can go. How about I pick you up on Saturday, does 9pm sound good?” Aubrey asked her.
“Yes that is great. I will see you then.” Lisa said smiling.
They said their goodbyes and hung up and Lisa lay in her bed smiling. She felt like a teenager who just landed her first date. She got up and rushed to her closet sifting through her clothes trying to find something suitable to wear.
Lisa looked through all her belongings and decided that nothing would do. She simply must go shopping and find something sexy yet classy. She was wanting to impress Aubrey, even if her fantasy didn’t play out, if Aubrey didn’t want anything more from Lisa than friendship she was still going to look as nice as she could and maybe she would get lucky with someone else.

The next day Lisa called her friend, Marissa, and asked her to go to the mall with her. Marissa loved shopping and had a great sense of style so it only made sense to take her along. They met at the Cross County Mall and went straight to the food court. Marissa wanted to catch up with Lisa and wanted to know more about this whole Aubrey and Derrick situation her friend had gotten herself into.
“So you are telling me that they both turned you on and you really think this woman was flirting with you in front of her man? How did you even come to that conclusion, what if she really was just being nice and just wants to be friends?” Marissa asked, her eyebrow arched a bit as she smiled at her long time friend.
“I can’t really explain,” Lisa stated, “it was so intense, she kept lightly touching my arm as she spoke to me, the way they both looked at me as we all chatted. Trust me I would have never thought in a billion years that I would be fantasizing about a woman, much less a woman And her man. It is so weirdly exciting though, part of me wants it to actually happen, but another part is scared that I will be rejected or that I will offend her and lose what could genuinely be a great friendship. She is so easy to talk to and get along with. She looks like she could be so much fun on a night out, I guess I will know this weekend huh.”
Marissa giggled a bit and said “well I want details, all the details, get as raunchy as possible when you tell regardless of what happens with them or whoever, it’s about damn time you get your feet wet.”
To which Lisa replied “hopefully my feet wont be the only thing that gets wet.”
The girls laughed and headed to a couple of stores to see what sexy outfit and shoes they could find. Lisa was finally feeling happy again, like really genuinely happy, the nights of depression and loneliness were going to end now. She would finally get out in the world and was going to enjoy every second of it.

Meanwhile Aubrey was at her home in bed with Derrick. As they snuggled in the aftermath of sex, Derrick held her and stroked her arm lightly with his fingers. “So tell me how it went with Lisa hmmm?” he asked his beautiful girlfriend.
“Well, honey, we had good conversation, I am taking her out this weekend to celebrate my new accounts. I guess I will have to wait and see what happens.” Aubrey smiled at Derrick as she spoke knowing that the way Lisa spoke to her meant she was maybe interested in a bit more than friendship. ” She was a bit flirty and eager to hang out with me. Hopefully we really hit it off when we go out.”
“Will you be bringing her home if it does?” He asked “I promise I wont interfere unless of course you want me to.” They both smirked at each other and Derrick began fondling his love. They exchanged passionate kisses and made love till they fell asleep holding one another.

Saturday rolled around and Lisa sent Jonathan to his father’s house for his bi-monthly visit. She spent the day pampering herself, she went to the salon and trimmed her hair, went to a nail spa and got a long overdue manicure and pedicure. She chose Royal blue nail polish to match the black and blue dress that she bought earlier in the week. She hurried home to shower and get ready for Aubrey.
Lisa stood in front of her mirror admiring the new dress she wore. It was a tight black dress with a royal blue swirl design, it had a plunging neck line that accentuated her C cups. The hem of the dress ended at her mid-thigh and she opted to forgo stockings for the night. She lightly dusted powder on her face and put a bit of blue shadow on her eyes not wanting to go too heavy with the make up, she kept it simple. Her pale pink lipstick made her lips looks soft and full, she was glad Marissa picked the shade for her. It made her look sexy without screaming desperate whore to the world. Lisa popped the cork on the bottle of Moscato she had in her fridge, poured herself a glass and looked at her watch, Aubrey should arrive in a few minutes and Lisa was nervously excited. After a few minutes the doorbell rang and Lisa became even more excited. She took a deep breath to calm down and walked over to the door and opened it slowly.

Lisa stood at the door staring at Aubrey for a few seconds, Aubrey wore a long black skirt with a slit on the side that reached her upper thigh. The skirt was tight-fitting and accentuated her curves and made her booty look perfectly round. She wore a corset style top that was Royal blue and Lisa thought to herself “oh my we look like a matching couple, what are the chances?” Aubrey’s stiletto heels were also royal blue and they made her legs looks so sexy. Lisa invited her in and as Aubrey walked past her she took in the beautiful aroma of her Chanel perfume.
“You look stunning, Aubrey” She said, blushing a bit. “I love your shoes and your hair you cut it short, you look like Angelina Jolie in the movie Salt.”
“Why, thank you luv, you look amazing as well. That dress is really pretty, and your girls are ready to party I see.” Aubrey said as she pointed to Lisa’s chest. They had a glass of wine and chatted for bit, when suddenly there was a beep from a car honking outside. Lisa went to the window to see who it could be, and Aubrey explained that she parked her own car out front and called for a cab so they could both drink without having to worry about driving afterwards.

The women walked into the lounge area of a bar called Jesters and commanded the attention of all in their presence. All around them men and women alike stopped to stare at them and admire how great they both looked. This made Lisa smile at Aubrey, suddenly she felt like a million bucks and was feeling so sexy and confident. She was glad she was finally out with Aubrey and was determined to enjoy herself to the fullest. They spent the next few hours drinking and laughing. They danced a bit with each other and a few men that began flirting with them. They decided to walk a few doors over to grab a bite to eat before going home. Lisa was really having a great time. She was used to hanging out with her friend and always had a good time but for some reason being out with Aubrey was exhilarating. It felt so natural and carefree. They nibbled on appetizers and continued laughing, sometimes they laughed so loud that other diners would look at them and smile. Lisa offered to pay for the food since Aubrey insisted on footing the bill at the lounge and they hailed a cab back to Lisa’s apartment.

They stumbled up to the front door of the house and Aubrey had to help Lisa unlock the door. They were both so tipsy and could not stop laughing that Lisa kept dropping her keys and every time she bent down to pick them up Aubrey snuck a peek at her derriere.
They spilled onto the couch and continued having a giggle fest. Lisa looked at the clock on the wall and could not believe it was almost three in the morning. They were having so much fun that neither realized how time had flown by.

“Oh honey I really don’t think I should drive home. I think I will call another cab.” Aubrey whispered in Lisa’s ear.
Not wanting her to leave she offered for her to stay, Aubrey looked at Lisa and smiled. Suddenly without thinking Lisa leaned into Aubrey and softly kissed her lips. She pulled away thinking that her new friend would be upset or offended but instead Aubrey put her hand on the back of Lisa’s neck and pulled her in for another kiss. They continued kissing for a while each one touching the other ever so softly. Aubrey not wanting to move to fast and Lisa unsure of how far she was allowed to take it.

Aubrey rose from the couch and told her to show her the bedroom. Lisa led the way excited and aroused. She entered the room and stood by the foot of her bed unsure of what to do next. She said ” It has been so long since I kissed anyone and never a woman before.” To which Aubrey replied “shhhhh sweetie, don’t think just feel. I will take it nice and slow with you and if at any point you want me to stop just tell me.”
Lisa put her hand on Aubrey’s chest and felt her soft skin just above the corset, she leaned in for a kiss but Aubrey stopped her. Instead of kissing her she began lifting her dress up above her waist. She grabbed Lisa’s waist and pulled her body towards her own. She continued to lift the dress till Lisa stood in front of her in only underwear, she took a moment to study her body. Her breasts weren’t as perky as a teenage girls but still looked good enough to suck. Aubrey traced the stretch marks on Lisa’s belly with her fingers and reached around to grab her butt.
Lisa suddenly felt self conscious and stammered “I had a kid you know, so i have a few marks and maybe i may be a bit saggy, i guess I shiuld have mentioned that.” Aubrey put a finger to her lips and shushed her again. “You are thinking too much again. You look yummy to me and if you let me I want to taste all of you. You are beautiful and so sexy even with a bit of marks it only makes you sexier to me.”
Feeling so relieved and accepted Lisa finally let go of all the thoughts and self-consciousness she felt. She unbuckled the corset Aubrey wore and exposed her breasts. She touched them slightly and smiled at Aubrey. Then she reached down and slipped the skirt off of Aubrey’s hips. There was a scare just above her right hip and Lisa traced this with her finger while looking at Aubrey’s face.
“See honey we all have a mark or two for different reasons you have to love all of you, cause you re beautiful and these marks only help tell the stories of our lives.” Aubrey whispered softly.
Aubrey lay her down on the bed and began kissing Lisa’s body. She started at the neck and slowly made her way to suck on fully erect nipples. She used her hands to fondle Lisa’s thighs and reached in between them to feel the moist lips of her conquests womanhood. She continued licking and sucking on Lisa’s breast as she played with her pussy lips. Lisa began panting and lifting her hips towards Aubrey’s hand. She lifted Aubrey’s face to hers and kissed her deeply as Aubrey continued playing with her moist pussy. Slowly inserting a finger into her. They continued kissing as Aubrey played with Lisa.
Aubrey slowly made her way down to face Lisa’s pussy and breathed in the sweet smell of sex emanating from between her legs. She stuck her tongue out and began licking her clit, alternating between licking and sucking, and nibbling on Lisa’s clit. Aubrey could hear Lisa breathing heavier now and her moaning was really arousing. Aubrey continued thrusting her finger inside Lisa and licking her clit at the same time. She could feel Lisa was close to climax and wanted to taste her sweet come so badly.
“Oh yes baby let it go, go ahead and come all over my hand so I can taste your sweet. sweet juice. That’s it Lisa, just like that baby you are so sexy.” Aubrey whispered to Lisa as she continued fingering her.
With a soft low moan Lisa finally let go and came. She trembled as she came and Aubrey kept thrusting her fingers inside her while she kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear. When Lisa stopped trembling Aubrey took her fingers out of her and licked them all while looking into Lisa’s eyes.
Lisa lay back and smiled, she had finally lived out one of her fantasies and was so excited to see what Aubrey had in store for her next. Laying in the bed holding each other Lisa reached over to grab Aubrey’s breast wanting to return the favor. Aubrey grabbed her hand and whispered “Lets just hold each other for a bit baby girl, no need to rush I am not going anywhere.” They shared one last, soft kiss and dozed off holding each other’s body closely.

© C.S. Minor


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