All good things come in threes…… Chapter 1

Lisa was a 30 year old single mom, it had been years since she was with anyone and it seemed she was destined to be alone. But one day a tall dark man entered her life, then his pretty lover approached her. What was to come was nothing short of an adventure. Never having considered herself polyamorous she was now fully immersed in a culture she knew nothing about, but was willing to explore.


Lisa sat on her couch, bored, a bit depressed and lonely. She flipped through channel after channel of nothing on her T.V. Her phone would ring occasionally, different friends and family members wanting to see how she was. Her son was asleep in his room, having been out all day with his friends, he came home tired and went straight to bed. Not that Lisa was complaining, she loved her son but wasn’t feeling too motherly tonight. She felt as if she was useless, like everyone would be better off without her. The thoughts confounded her brain and wine was the only thing that would eventually shut it up.

She decided that sitting there was doing nothing but making her depression worse. She turned off her cellphone not wanting to hear her ringtone again, not wanting to send another caller to voicemail. All she wanted to do now was drink, and try to forget. Try to forget the fact that her ex left her while she was 6 months pregnant to be with his new girlfriend. The fact that while she had gone on a few dates recently, she had not yet been sexually active since her ex left. Trying to be careful not to fall in love she had decided to forgo dating to focus on Johnathan, her son, the light of her life, the only man that would truly ever love her forever. She spent her days working hard to make sure he had everything and needed nothing but the occasional visit from his father. Determined to be the best parent to him she put herself on the back burner and spent her nights wishing there was someone who would hold her. Johnathan was 10 years old now and she figured it was time to get out there and see what type of man could fill her void.

Lisa went on a few dating sites but no one ever stood out to her. Sure, she exchanged a few messages with a few prospects but it always felt so forced, so impersonal, she longed for a real man to sweep her off her feet. Her nights consisted of her checking these sites and reading through messages left for her and then deleting them after deciding none were good enough to respond to. She would sit with her wine and ignore phone calls while she flipped through the 1000+ channels she had, but there never seemed to be anything on, so she usually ended up writing in her journal, writing her feelings down and then rereading just how sad, depressed and lonely she really was. Had it not been for Johnathan she might have jumped off the roof of the building and been done with it all. Tonight was no different, so she finished her wine and went to bed, alone.

The next morning she got Johnathan ready for school, kissed him goodbye and began her daily chores. She worked from home so there was no need to rush out the door. As she finished cleaning her office phone rang, Lisa took care of the accounting for many different businesses in the city. Occasionally they would call with issues to be addressed. Today her client, Bancroft Paper Co. called asking if she could secure a loan and prepare a budget for an expansion they were doing. Of course she did her job and then finished the rest of her client work.
As it neared late afternoon she again checked her profiles on the dating sites. Again, many messages left by random men who decided her picture was worth a look and maybe they should meet up and see if there was chemistry. None of these written messages caught her eyes, they were all generic lines men used on women, there was no writing that made her want to even investigate the man further and actually click to see his profile. At this moment she decided she had enough and proceeded to close everyone of her accounts.
Deciding that she had been cooped in the house far too long she left to do work in a local coffe shop. They provided wi-fi service so her laptop would be mer mobile office for the day. Fowarding her office calls to her cell was a simple push of a button, but she would have to get dressed, because snoopy pajama pants was no way to go into a cafe and sit for a while.

Once she arrived at the cafe she found a quiet corner and started her accounting. There was the Miller account that needed balancing. Her client Johnson Care Corp. needed to know how much it would cost to retain 20 new employess in the next three years. The corprorate account for Matte and Rothings law firm was in need of a look through, since Matte seemed to have a gambling problem and was using company funds to support it. She called Mr. Rothings and informed him of the situation. He thanked her and she sat at her laptop unsure of what to do now.
She had finished everything so quickly, now she would nurse this luke warm coffee and people watch. It was better than sitting home watching T.V., she spiked her coffee with khalua and looked around the cafe.
There were a bunch of college students looking through notebooks and comparing notes, probably studying for an exam, she thought. There was a group of moms with baby carriages talking rather loudly about the perils of new motherhood and wanting to go shopping without babies for once. A few older people sat at separate tables nursing their senior coffees and stealing packets of equal and sweet n low. She looked at them carefully and thought to herself “is that going to be me in 35 years, alone and sad at a coffee shop?” she suddenly realized that it was her now, alone and sad at a coffee shop.
Suddenly the door opened and the ringing of the little bell above it made her look towards it. A tall man had entered, he was dressed in a pristine pin stripe suit with shiny black loafers on. He had this aura of proffesionalism about him. The way he walked told her he was confident, he stood straight up and his broad shoulders were back with his chest puffed out. But not in an arrogant way like the gorrillas at the zoo who pranced around proclaiming their space, but more like the peacocks who strutted their pretty feathers letting all the hens know that he was confident and liked the way he looked so you should too.
Lisa followed him with her eyes as he went to the counter to order. She then watched intently as he took a seat by the window, he sat there looking through his phone and occasionally would look out the window as if he were expecting someone.
After a few minutes the bell on the door rang again and in walked what had to be the most beautiful woman Lisa ever saw in real life. This woman looked like she stepped out of a magazine and had no business here in this little cafe with the common folk. Lisa took in her tall stature and long black hair. Her olive complexion was remarkable, her eyes appeared to be very light, Lisa couldn’t be sure from this distance but they might be grey or pale blue. This woman had a nice body from what Lisa could tell and suddenly she felt flushed, felt warm in her genitals and couldnt explain how nervous she was feeling. She had never liked a woman, never felt this way from seeing any woman, it was not a feeling she was used to. As the woman passed Lisa she smiled at her, knowing she was blushing Lisa smiled back and looked away, not knowing if the woman could sense her lust for her.
The woman approached the table by the window and kissed the man on the mouth. “Damnit,” she thought to herself. “It figures the two most beautiful people to ever walk in here would be a couple.”
Lisa watched them for a bit as they talked and smiled a each other, she became a bit jealous that she didn’t have someone to make her smile like that. She cold see both their faces now and the man looked incredibly handsome to her. He was a light skinned black man with what looked like light brown or hazel eyes. He had such a brilliant smile, and his short black curly hair hugged his scalp, he had big hands, that lead to his strong arms. Even through the suit Lisa could tell he worked out and that naked he probably looked very good, she imagined seeing him standing a the foot of her bed his chissled body looking amazing in the glow of her bedside lamp. Without realizing it she went into full fantasy mode. Her mind took her away from this roadside cafe and into her own bedroom, with him looking at her with lustfully. He reached out to her and grabbed her body sending surges of heat throught her. He kissed her lovingly and continued fondling her, making her shiver. She was open now to him, waiting and wanting him to enter her. In her fantasy the world stopped spinning and time was frozen as they made sweet sensual love. Suddenly his mate entered and she stood there watching them. She stepped closer to Lisa and her man and suddenly began touching both of them. This fantasy was getting so hot suddenly Lisa was in the middle of a threesome with this gorgeous couple and enjoying every second of it. Lisa snapped back into reality when the barista dropped a glass. She looked around to see if anyone was staring at her, unsure of how long she sat fantasizing or if it was apparent to anyone around her. She looked at the table by the window and the couole was looking directly at her. She immideatly became embarassed, wondering if the entire time she soent in her head was apparent to them, wondering if they could read her mind and knew that it was they that she was fantasizing about. Lisa smiled awkwardly at the woman and looked away. She gathered her stuff and started to get up when she noticied the woman walking towards her, getting even more nervous now she hurriedly tried to stuff her laptop in her bag. But instead ended up spilling her coffee cup all over her table.
“Here let me help you, I will just drop some napkins on this spill. Is your laptop alright?” The woman said to Lisa, she was even more remarkable up close. Lisa had trouble forming words suddenly, her mind was overtaken bynher beauty and how flushed she made Lisa feel. “Uh thank you, yeah it is fine luckily it just missed it, I am such a clutz.” She stammered and feeling like a twit she gave an awkward little smile.
“Hey we all have our days hun, mine is usually on Mondays when I have to pretend to be loving the fact that I am back in the office. My name is Aubrey by the way. What is yours?”
“Aubrey is such a pretty name, and so fitting because you are beautiful.” Lisa could not believe she said that. She covered her mouth and her cheeks filled with crimson. “I am so sorry I don’t know what is wrong with me today. I am Lisa nice to meet you Aubrey.”
Aubrey laughed lightly “oh please don’t ever apologize for giving someone a compliment, I really appreciate it babes.”
“I usually don’t just blurt stuff like that out, I mean I appreciate beauty but I’m not a lesbian or anything.” As soon as the words escaped her lips Lisa regretted them, what the hell was her deal today, why did this woman’s prescense turn her into a bumbling idiot?
“Oh honey, you need not be lesbian to compliment a woman, I’m no lesbian but i do enjoy women in every ounce of their glory. Would you like to sit with us?” Aubrey said, as she led Lisa to the table, she introduced her to the man. “Derrick, honey, this is Lisa, Lisa this is Derrick. Lisa please have a seat. Would you like another coffee?”
Lisa was in awe, up close Derrick was even better looking, he had hazel eyes and a dimple in his cheek that deepened when he smiled at her she said hello and politely declined the coffee , fearing that she would make another mess. She sat in between the two and was unsure of what to say.
Thankfully Aubrey continued the conversation as if nothing happened, as if Lisa had not just made a giant fool of herself only a minute earlier.
“So Lisa, what brings you to this little cozy spot today? Derrick and I are here for a lunch date we both work around the area.”
“Well,” Lisa responded, “I work from home and decided I needed to get out for a few, I am an accountant.
Derrick didn’t say much at first he just smiled and nodded as the ladies exchanged pleasantries and discussed work and family life. He chimed in when Aubrey asked Lisa if she was single.
“Now, Aubrey, honey, isn’t that a bit rude to just jump into a question like that. We have only just met Lisa, we wouldn’t want to scare her away now would we?” Derrick’s voice was so deep and manly it made Lisa shiver a but, she could imagine him whispering in her ear as she made live to him. She was becoming red again as she realized she was imagining doing things with this man and his girlfirend was sitting right next to her. She couldn’t understand why she was behaving this way, suddenly she was a sex craved vixen and her mental pictures were getting more and more graphic the longer she sat with this couple.
“No, it’s ok Derrick, I don’t mind,” Lisa said softly, blushing “I am single, have been for a while, I have been so focused on work and my son Johnathan that dating just took a backseat i guess.”
“Well I think it is time you put yourself on the forefront, A beautiful woman like you deserves to be attended to, and pleasured in all possible ways.” Derrick said this as he looked at Aubrey now, “Dont you think honey, shouldn’t she be taken care of?”
Aubrey smiled a bit, she looked at Lisa and said “oh most definitely, she does, it would be a lucky person whoever finally captures her attention long enough to be awarded her prescense.” Aubrey then announced that it was time for them to get back to work. She handed Lisa a business card and invited her for drinks in the near future. She told Lisa that they could do a ladies night and see what prospect could be out there for Lisa.
“It was very nice meeting both of you,” Lisa said smiling, “I look forward to hanging out with you soon Aubrey.” As they walked out of the cafe, Lisa could not help but smile, she looked at the business card in her hand. Aubrey was the Lead Advertising Agent for a Media group the card had her full name, Aubrey Villafontaine, her work address and number, Lisa turned the card over and written on it was a cell phone number.
As she gathered her stuff and left Lisa couldn’t help but wonder how a ladies night with Aubrey would go, she was so beautiful that undoubtedly men would flock to her and in turn maybe one would hit it off with her, she wondered if there were any men like Derrick, could she be that lucky, she didn’t know but sure did want to find out.
Outside as derrick walked her back to work Aubrey said to him “So honey what do you think if our new friend?” To which he replied, “She is pretty and seems interesting, you really think she will be up to it?”
” well i will have to start slow and build a friendship with her, eventually I will bring it up and see how she feels about it. Oh how wonderful it would be if our triad were complete. But if she is not down for our lifestyle we will find someone else and keep searching till we do. I love you honey hanve a great day.” Aubrey kissed her man sweetly and turned to go back into work.
Derrick grab her butt tightly, and said “Have a great day love, I love you, and refardless if we ever find our third as long as I have you I am happy. Tonight when you get home I will show you just how much i love you.”

Laura walked into her house beaming, and horny, she was still fantasizing about the couple she just met. Having time before Johnathan came home, she ran up to her room. She undressed in front of her mirror and began touching herself. She imagined both of them touching her at the same time and doing things to her that made her shiver. She masturbated till she came and then went into the shower. She couldn’t wait to see what Aubrey had in store for her and hoped that somehow it would involve Derrick.


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