The Journey

This story makes me want to take a train ride to nowhere, wearing a skirt, hmmm great read.

Deliciously Inappropriate


She led me to the platform, and luckily our train was just pulling in to the station. Being so slender and petite she was able to simply step on, but I had to shove my way into the crowded carriage and ended up forced against the wall next to her.

As the train shuddered and chugged away from the station, the unexpected movement made all of us jerk slightly and I felt her leg rub against my thigh, just for a second. At the next station, several people left the carriage but even more climbed on, pushing us all closer together. I found myself in the corner of the carriage with her in front of me and again, as the train moved off she swayed, her back pressing up against my chest for barely longer than a moment.

At the next stop, no one left but a handful more pushed…

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