First Date at the Sex Club

She awoke in a daze. Unsure of where she was or how she got here.  Slowly, her eyes spanned the room. There were thick drapes covering the windows, a chair sat in the corner, and the furniture was a rich dark wood. She knew it was not her bedroom, she closed her eyes trying desperately to remember what happened the night before.


Last memory of hers was at home, on the phone with Marissa, her best friend. She faintly recalled the conversation as she readied herself for a night out.

“Well he said he was taking me to a club, I don’t know which one, but he assured me I would have fun, and that it is going to be an experience I have never had before.” she told her friend.

“OK, but you barely know him, is it wise to go somewhere you don’t know about, at least find the name and tell me, I should at least know where you are going in case something happens.” Marissa said, was worried about her. Worried that the man she met online was some sort of weirdo, some psycho out to get her and possibly hurt her.

She had spoken to him several times online, and on the phone. They Skyped twice so she knew he was handsome, and there was a sexual attraction to be had. Each time their Skype sessions ended she would touch herself and think of him.

His name was George, he lived a few miles away and worked in advertising. He came from a big family and was the youngest of five children. He told her stories of his childhood, and of his parents who were still married and living their retirement in Florida. She felt like she knew him, sort of, and meeting was only the next step.

“Don’t shave your legs,” Marissa told her with a chuckle,

“what?” she asked “Why wouldn’t I?”

Her friend’s response made her chuckle a bit. “Well if you don’t shave your legs you wont be inclined to sleep with him on the first date. You know you should make him wait honey, gotta let him sweat it out a bit.”

“Oh honey, I have already shaved, besides I need to get laid anyway;  it has been such a long time. I don’t even remember what a man smells like anymore, I am basically a virgin again.” She laughed slightly but was a little saddened by the harsh reality that since the departure of her ex husband she had been lonely. Forced to masturbate and imagine a man touching her, she longed for the sweat of another body on top of hers, the smell of sex that lingers in a room for hours after having had it.

She hung up the phone and finished readying herself. She had a pretty blue dress on, the hem sat at her mid thigh, and her black stocking felt good against her freshly shaved legs and pubis. She bought new black high heels that already hurt, but the pain would be worth it if she was to have a great night. Her make up was minimal, being such a beautiful woman she never needed much. A bit of shadow, eyeliner, blush, and some pretty pink lipstick would do the trick. She looked in the mirror at her fiery red hair, and the freckles that lined her strong cheekbones and her little button nose. She liked the way she looked, and hoped that George would too. He did tell her she was beautiful, but she was used to it, having heard it her whole life. She wanted to hear him say he wanted her, that he wanted all of her.

At 9:15pm a knock on her door was heard. She became flushed instantly, it was time. She was nervous like a teenager on her first date. The butterflies in her stomach fluttering like ravenous beasts out for the hunt. She summoned the courage and opened the door.

There he stood in all his glory. A sexy man with short black hair, and a strong jaw line. He had a dimple in his right cheek, oh how she loved dimples especially since she had one of her own in her left cheek. His hazel eyes shone in the moonlight and his smile was bright and inviting. His facial hair was a well manicured five o clock shadow, making his face even more sexier than she imagined it would look in person. They both stood there for a few seconds admiring each other, both unsure of how to greet each other. He then handed her a small bouquet of lilies, oh lilies were her favorite, she wondered if she had told him this. If she did tell him then it meant he was a great listener, if she hadn’t then it just meant he was a good guesser.

“Oh lilies are my favorite, how did you know?” she asked trying to get to the bottom of this mystery.

His reply was not what she expected ” well I like lilies, they are less pretentious than roses and well carnations are for the dead so, lilies it is.” he said with a little chuckle.

She invited him into her small apartment, sat him at the sofa as she exited her living room to put her flowers in a vase. She returned a second later and as she entered the room he stood up and held out his hand.

“You look absolutely amazing Hun,” he said to her as she put her hand in his. He spun her around and she smiled, and blushed a bit. “Shall, we be going?”

She replied with “Thank you George, you look so handsome, much more than you did on Skype. Lead the way”

They left together hand in hand, he was such a gentleman. He held the car door open for her, and she reached across to open his as he went around the car to get in the driver seat. He winked at her as they buckled up, and off they went. They made small talk in the car. Formalities that reminded both of them that this was a first date and even though they both felt like they knew each other forever, this was just the beginning. They discussed how their days had gone since the last Skype session, and discussed how hectic balancing life and work had been. Finally she asked him, where he was taking her.

“Well, my friend suggested I take you to a place called Labyrinth, I have never been there myself but he assures me that it is a great time to be had. There are four levels to this place, everyone is respectful of each other, music is great, and the drinks are pretty good.” he told her.

“OK, it has been a while since I have been to a club, but a bit of dancing never hurt anyone i guess.” she chuckled as she said this “unless of course you sprain your ankle trying to do the funky chicken.”

He lifted his eyebrow and laughed, “I take it you actually did that?”

“Yeah,” she giggled, “when I was in high school, at a dance, I was mortified, and my date helped me limp home, took me a long time to live that one down.”

“Well no funky chicken for you tonight,” he said playfully, “how about we stick to something, well, less dangerous, maybe the cabbage patch, eh?”

They laughed and told each other some more silly puns and jokes as they approached the club. From the outside it looked like an abandoned warehouse, and she became nervous, she thought maybe Marissa was right, he was a serial killer. She looked at him cautiously, and he could sense her trepidation.

“I know it looks a little weird, my friend told me from the outside it looks abandoned, but inside it looks fabulous.” he told her “I guess we will see, if you don’t feel comfortable once we are in there we can leave at anytime you are ready.”

She felt a little better, but she blurted out ” You aren’t a serial killer are you?” her faced instantly became red, she could not believe she said that. Not like he was going to admit it anyway.

“Only on Tuesdays, and today is Saturday so you will be fine.” He said laughing and looked at her “I am kidding of course, I am definitely not a serial killer, relax, I don’t want to hurt you.”

” Oh My goodness I am so sorry, I don’t even know why I said that.” She said shyly felling like a bit of an idiot.

“No worries, Luv, if I were in your shoes I might think the same.” He reassured her. “Let’s go have fun.”

The valet took his keys and gave him a card. He came around to her door and opened it, helped her step out and put his hand on her lower back leading her towards the door. The bouncer asked for his name and their Id’s. Once he verified they were of age he let them in to a set of giant doors. Once opened she could hear music and instantly felt at ease. They smiled at each other and he took her hand and lead her towards the music.

They entered into a room with ceilings so high she could not even see them through the strobe lights. The decor was elegant but not uptight, it was relaxing. There was a bar that stretched the entire length of the back wall and on either side of the dance floor were tables surrounded by lace drapes. These drapes gave the illusion of privacy, but were see-through enough that you could see everyone at their tables. They walked over to an open table and sat. A waitress came over and he ordered a bottle of champagne, and a bottle of cognac with soda. As the waitress came back and poured the champagne, he looked at her studying her face as she looked around and took in her surroundings. When she caught him looking at her he held his gaze and they both smiled at each other. He gave her a flute and proposed a toast. Leaning in to her so she could hear him, he said “Here is to us having a great night, and hopefully a few more after this.” She winked at him, they tapped glasses and drank. As the night went on they laughed with each other, danced and finished both bottles.

Feeling very tipsy she stood up and told him to show her to the restroom. As she used the rest room she could hear other women talking about the second level and how exciting it was to be up there, when she finished she told him to take her there.

As they ascended the steps to the second level the music changed, it became softer and a bit lower. She could hear people laughing and conversing, it felt more intimate, and she wondered why they hadn’t come up here to begin with.

When they reached the top of the stairs a young man in a suit informed them that being up there required them to lose their clothing, he pointed to a row of lockers and told them they could leave their shoes and underwear on, but all clothes had to be in a locker and he was responsible for the key.

They walked over to the lockers and he asked her “Um, I had no clue they would ask us to disrobe, are you OK with that?”

She didn’t really want to be naked in front of strangers but was so curious to see what was behind the velvet curtain. She needed to know what these people were doing, so she answered “Um I guess we could just see what it is all about, I will keep my underwear on, we can always walk back out and put our clothes on and go back downstairs if we get uncomfortable. Are you OK with that?”

He nodded and they slowly took of their clothes folded them neatly and put them in the locker. He put the key which was on a rubber band type bracelet around his wrist and stood there admiring her for a bit. She took in the appearance of his body. His chiseled chest, his muscled arms, and flat stomach proved to her that he frequented the gym. He took in her bust in a beautiful red lace bra, and her small waist, her hips widened out a bit leading to her full round ass. He turned her full circle to enjoy every inch of her smoking hot body.

They winked at each other and he held the small of her back as she lead the way in through the velvet curtains. All around them were naked and underwear clad couples. There were little nooks all about the room with people sitting and talking to each other among other things.  A lingerie clad waitress came to them and showed them to an empty nook. She took their order and returned a few minutes later with another bottle of cognac and soda. They took a minute to absorb their surroundings.

There were mirrors on every wall, surrounded by crushed red velvet drapes. The nooks themselves were made to look like a cabana and they realized they could untie their curtains to enclose themselves in full privacy.

For a minute no one spoke, they simply smiled at each other as they both realized that they had entered into a sex club. Suddenly they noticed the couples talking to each other, touching each other lightly, the women next to each other as their men sat across from them talking and watching their women.  One woman got up and closed her curtains as behind her a man nuzzled the neck of another woman, and another man stood watching and touching himself.

She looked at George and blushed “Oh my I think that couple just swung with another couple. Did your friend tell you about this?”

A little embarrassed he replied “No, I wish he would have, then at least I could have discussed it with you. This is not my usual hangout, I hope you don’t think differently of me, we could leave if you are uncomfortable.”

Not sure if it was the liquor or that she was so aroused, she said nothing. Instead she kissed him softly on his lips. She grabbed the back of his head and proceeded kissing him till she felt his hands on her breast. She slid her body to closer to his and placed her hand on his thigh. He unclasped her bra, and exposed her perky B cups. Her nipples fully erect, partly because she was cold, but mostly due to her arousal. He then kissed her neck, and pulled her closer. He started massaging her breast as he kissed her neck and she began breathing heavier. She opened her eyes and realized where she was again, everywhere around her there were people doing the same thing and she felt alive, ashamed, and excited at the same time. She realized the curtains were still opened and their cabana was exposed to the other club goers.

She looked back at her date. He was now licking her breast and sucking on her nipples. She could feel the wetness dampening her panties and she spread her legs a bit. She reached over and touched George, putting her hands on his muscled chest and feeling him. He kept playfully licking and sucking at her breast and she suddenly sat atop him and started to grind her hips against his lap.

It had been so long since she felt a warm mouth on her breasts, since she was this aroused. She suddenly realized that a couple was watching them and this aroused her even more. He took his hands and reached around to grab her ass and squeezed a bit. She began moaning, she felt she might come at this point. But he stopped her, he whispered in her ear. “Honey, we are being watched, do you want me to close the curtains?”

She looked over her shoulder and winked at the couple standing there, she looked back at George, and whispered ” Let them watch us babe,”


She suddenly felt his bulge grow underneath her, he lifted her slightly and laid her down on the sofa, he began kissing her breasts again, then lowered himself and kissed her belly, as he inched closer to her waist her breathing became a soft slow pant. She looked over to the couple and they were touching each other as they watched George eat her out. His tongue glided over her clit sending waves of heat and excitement through her body. She arched her back and lifted her hips towards his mouth. She put her hand on the back of his head and stroked his hair. Her eyes closed and she arched her back even further. She was close to climax. She moaned in appreciation, and he hungrily took in her entire clit into his mouth sucking on it. She opened her eyes again to see the woman who was just watching her, now giving her mate a blow job. She watched her as George ate her pussy and seeing this made her even more aroused. She continued watching and looked at the man who was enjoying his fellatio while watching her enjoy hers.

George slid his finger inside her and massaged her G-spot as he continued licking and sucking her clit. She trembled a bit and while still watching the couple, she came. Her legs trembled and she pressed her hand on the back of George’s head pressing his mouth a bit harder on her clit. Her legs closed around his face and her back arched so forcefully it looked as if someone had lifted her from the sofa.

George looked at her and followed her gaze, they were both watching that couple now. The woman was still on her knees giving her man some head. George still had his fingers inside her and thrusted them. She used her foot to find George’s penis and began fondling him. He used his free hand to massage her breast and they both played with each other while watching this random stranger get head from his beautiful date.

She sat up and removed his fingers from inside her, she sat him up on the sofa and knelt in front of him. Giving one last look at the gentleman behind her she winked and turned back to George. She grabbed his penis and inserted into her mouth slowly. She began to stroke him as she sucked on his head and looked up at him. He was watching her with a look of pure lust and want. He moaned a low soft moan and she inserted his dick further into her mouth almost fitting its entirety deep down into her throat. She continued giving him head while watching him. He leaned his head back and thrust his hips in motion with her sucking, and stoked her hair softly.

Suddenly she stopped, and rose from her knees, she turned her back to him and rode him, reverse cowgirl style. She thrust her hips slowly with him deep inside her. She moaned and arched her back again. Her eyes closed she reveled in the feeling of his hard dick penetrating her vaginal walls. She moaned, and he grunted. He reached around and grabbed her breasts causing her to lean further back thus making himself go deeper inside her. She came all over him and the wetness dripped down to his groin, feeling her wetness he pushed her shoulders down making himself go in ever deeper inside her sweet wet pussy.

She opened her eyes and saw the couple was now engaged in sex with the woman on all fours and her man thrusting behind her. They were both looking at her riding George. The woman blew her a kiss and she smiled.

Never had she thought she would be doing this, it was so exciting to have sex in the first place, but now she was doing it in front of strangers and enjoying it. She rode harder and faster, feeling George’s dick hitting her spot and making her squirt a little. He grabbed her ass and lifted her off from him. He quickly grabbed her and positioned her in a doggy style position. She was now facing her sexy strangers and George was deep inside her. They fucked till she felt her legs getting weak, he woke up her senses by slapping her ass slightly. Finally, George pulled out and came all over her back.

He used his underwear to wipe her down and lifted her to stand facing him. He kissed her forehead, then her cheeks, and finally her mouth. They both looked at the other couple and smiled. George led her back out to the lockers. As they got dressed he said “Wow, did that really just happen?” To which she replied ” I know I never thought I would be capable of doing that.”

“You are so sexy, Jenny,” He said softly “I would like to continue this, but in private, where it will only be you and me.”

“Well George I am up for round two if you are” she replied as she kissed his cheek and grabbed his hand leading them to the stairs to exit the club. On their way back down the steps they saw the couple again. She gave a little wave to them and they winked at her and walked back into the velvet drapes, perhaps, to spy on another couple.

George took her to a hotel where they fucked a few more times before passing out on each other. This is where she was and as she remembered the night she felt George’s hand wrap around her waist and pull her ass close to him. He was rock hard with morning wood and smiled.

This was by far the best first date she ever had. She couldn’t wait to see what the second, or third, or even fourth date would be like. How could they ever top this??? Would she ever find out what was on the third and fourth level of the club? At least she knew she could go back and with George one day and try and find out.


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