What is it?

I sit and ponder sometimes,

What is it about Him that is so alluring?

Is it the way he smiles, or his contagious laugh?

The way he looks at me when I pleasure him, or the way he holds me afterwards?

What is it that keeps me coming in droves, driving miles to be at his side?

Is it the lack of embarassment, the full acceptance he provides?

Or the way we converse about everything and nothing, the simple simplicity of passionate embrace?

Could it be a freeing feeling that takes over, or a flutter in my belly at the thought of him?

What is it about me that keeps him coming back?

Maybe, the availability of my prescense,  or the compassion and caring I try to offer.

Perhaps it is just a way to bide time, to kill loneliness,  a way to fill a void.

The way I uplift his ego, make him to be a superhhero capable of saving a lost soul, or just a genuine trust in another human?

What is it that pushes us towards each other?

Possibly the great sex that we offer each other, or the thought of exploration of a foreing body.

A way to indulge our libidos, get drunk off of each other’s seduction, possibly, maybe?

Whatever it is, it is the driving force of two souls reaching out to touch each other, mentally, physically, and sensually.


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