Mourning until death arrives.

The stars align and she looks up. Reminiscing of the time she lay with him beneath this same sky.
Silently she wishes upon a star.
Tears streaming down her elderly face, saddness overcomes, and she sobs.
In her hand is a charm from a bracelet she once wore.
It is the only remnant of a time of love.
She breathes heavily as her heart races and she panics.
He will never return, with one quick turn on a wet road he was taken.
Her hatred for the driver remains even after years of mourning.
That driver took away the only prescious thing in her long life.
Having been missing him for a decade the pain lingered like the scars on her face.
She slowly traces said scars with a finger and remembers it all.
The swerving, the impact, the force which grabbed him and ejected his body hastily.
The memory of her waking up to discover he was gone, the emptiness felt at living without her best friend.
Her lover taken too soon, ripped from her arms like candy from a baby.
She continues sobbing and clutching her chest, inviting death now.
Please take me, she begs, for life without him has been an empty shell.
A series of repetition to kill hours better spent dreaming of him.
She exhales loudly her old body giving way to the reaper.
She smiles as she feels her heart slowing.
Gripping the charm tighter she remembers her lover and beckons for him to greet her.
As she breathes her final breath she sees him.
With open arms he awaits a reunion with his love.
It is finally her time to join him.
Together their souls connect and eternity is spent in a quiet, delightful embrace.


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