Motivational Speaker

Motivational speaker conversing in tongues.
Never uttering a word.
Stories of lust and want are penetrated by slick movements.
Flickering and feeling for the access point.
Motivational speaker moving me to excitement.
Never uttering a word.
Wanting your wisdom and longing to be taught.
My ears perk up waiting, longing for the next speech.
Motivational speaker seeking acceptance.
Never uttering a word.
Moans beckon the speaker to continue with a knowledge as deep and vast as the depths of the soul.
A sea of unspoken words leading to crashing waves upon the speaker.
Motivational speaker take me to ascendancy.
Never uttering a word.


5 thoughts on “Motivational Speaker

      • I used to write poetry when I was a teenager. I was full anger, angst and anguish, emotions and words flowed freely. Now when I sit down to now to try and write poetry, I feel like Dr.Seuss. I love a good rhyme. 😉


      • Funny. I am the opposite, i sit and read through what I wrote as a teenager and it is all rhymes and haikus. Honestly, I hardly remember writing anymore it is more of an out of body experience now, where i write unaware of everything then sit back and reread it. I was once full of angst and hatred but that was before I came to grips with who I am and am now comfortable with myself enough to accept what my brain wants to put out there. Censorship has flown out the window… oh my here I go ranting again 🙂

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