I loved to submit to Erica’s dominance.

I tried so many new things with Erica. She allowed me to express all the naughtiness within my soul. I never felt pressured or embarrassed to try anything with her. She pulled out a set of cuffs one night it was the first time I had been dominated by a woman. I long to replicate what I felt that night.


April 2001

She approached me from behind, I took a deep breath. I could smell her shampoo so I knew she was really close to me. Feeling her breath on the back of my neck I shivered a bit, I tensed up waiting for her to strike me again. I anticipated her slapping me lightly on my ass, maybe she would pinch me again. It was intoxicating, arousing, the suspense was killing me.

My hands were bound behind me with these soft purple cuffs, my feet held apart by a set of straps tied to the legs of the bed. I was on my belly and the bed sheet was a soft silk fabric bunched up against my freshly shaved puss.

She traced my spine with her lips softly, so soft that it felt almost as if I were imagining it, she lingered at my lower back and then traced my round booty with her tongue. I was filling up with arousal now, I wanted her to start licking my ass and grab it firmly. I waited a bit but she did nothing, my eyes were blindfolded so I couldn’t see anything, all my other senses perked up. I could still smell her but there was a dead silence in the room. I felt that maybe she left the room.

“Babygirl? What happened?” I asked softly. She replied by smacking my butt “I didn’t tell you to speak, did I?”

“No, ma’am” I said shyly, “i thought you left.” She slapped me harder this time. It hurt but not in a way that you would think, it was an excitable pain. “You only speak when I ask you to, if you act up again I will stop pleasing you, you want  me to please you, don’t you?” She said in a firm voice. “Yes ma’am.” I was tempted to say something else just to get her to slap me again but I didn’t want her to end this game so I obeyed her willingly.

Suddenly I felt her lips on my right buttcheek, she softly and slowly kissed it. She went from the top to just above my thigh and she bit me softly. She proceeded to nibble along the edge of the bottom of my ass, she bit hard and I gasped. She then suckled where she bit taking away the pain and filling me with pleasure.

“Do you like that sweetheart?” She asked me. I replied, “yes.” She slapped me hard on my lower back, “yes whom?” She asked sternly, “yes ma’am oh yes ma’am” I cried out. I wanted so badly for her to hurt me in a sensual way. I needed  to feel the pain that I knew would lead to pleasure.

I was going to be a good girl for her, I would follow her every command with the hope that she would cure the appetite for pleasurable pain. She began tickling me with a feather, tracing every inch of my back, butt, and legs. I moaned softly and my breathing increased to a pant, she continued tracing my legs and let go of the feather. She began kissing my feet and slowly started an ascent towards my thighs. She slid her tongue into my ass and teased me a little. I wanted to yell out to say yes, to acknowledge that I accepted and wanted what she was offering, but remembering the rules I moaned softly instead. “Do you want me to lick you?” She asked, “yes ma’am please lick me” I said. Instead of licking me she began slapping my booty alternting between soft and hard hits, she grabbed my ass firmly with one hand and slapped me with the other. “Tell me what you want, say it loud” she urged me. “I want you to lick me ma am,” i screamed, but it wasn’t enough, she slapped me harder “specify what you want puddin’ tell me what you want this toungue to taste” she whispered in my ear.

” please put your tongue in my ass and lick it, then please taste my pussy ma’am.” I begged her, I was so wet with excitement I could feel the sheet sticking to my lips.  I guess I was being good cause she rewarded me with licks and flicks all in my ass. She trailed her toungue towards my taint and teased me by stopping just before she got to my labia. She continued licking my taint and i raised my ass to allow her access to my wet moist lips. The leg restraints tightened causing me to lower myself back to the bed. She slapped my ass three times harder each time she did, she never once stopped flicking her toungue.

She used her toungue to massage my taint and then inserted it inside me. I moaned so loudly in response, I had waited all this time for her to reach there, I was excited that she would be pleasing my pussy now. Suddenly she stopped and stood up, “noooooo oh please no don’t stop.” I begged her.

She grabbed my hair pulling it taught and sending electricity shooting down my spine. “Somebody is not following the rules, you do what i want you to do, you do not tell me when I can or can’t stop.” She said to me. I wanted to apologize, to beg her not to stop playing i wanted her to keep the game going, I was so aroused I needed her to make me come, the tension was building within me and I needed the release that cumming would give me.

Erica untied my legs and I began to feel sad I had ruined it, lost my chance to cum. I wanted to cry, but to my surprise she turned me over and sat me up so that my arms, still bound behind me, wouldn’t hurt. She sat me up against the headboard and returned to tie my legs. I was getting excited again, I was hoping she would concentrate on my pussy now. She gave me a soft kiss and bit my lower lip, she then nibbled my neck and trailed down to my collar bone with just her soft lips.  “If you are good I will let you taste me. You want to taste my yummy juice don’t you?” Erica said sensually, “yes ma’am please let me taste your sweet sweetness.” I begged her feverishly. She took my nipple in her mouth and alternated between soft and hard suckling, she bit me softly and slowly intensified her bite till I gasped again. She slid her leg between my legs and rest her knee against my pubic bone. I grinded my hips against her knee and could feel myself close to the point of release. She pulled her knee away and I moaned. I wanted to scream out, no don’t stop, but I knew the rules and didn’t want to spoil the moment.

She stood on the bed and walked towards my face, I couldn’t see, but I could feel her legs alongside my body, she grabbed my head and put her pussy on my mouth. I started to lick her lips and she pulled me away, waited a second and allowed me to put my face on her again. She controlled my head as I continued licking and flicking her clit with my tongue adding moisture to her already drenched vagina. I tried to suck on her clit but she pulled my head back again. I was in dire need to make her cum. She always tasted so sweet and I needed to taste her cum on my lips. She allowed me to lick her again and I followed her lead and licked and sucked her lips and clit till I finally tasted the warm sweetness that was her cum. I swallowed her lips into my mouth trying to keep every drop in my mouth. She pulled away and whispered in my ear again “was it yummy?” I answered “yes ma’am thank you, I love the way you taste. Thank you ma’am.”

What she did next surprised me a bit, I wasn’t expecting to like nipple clamps, but they aroused and awakened my nerve endings. She put one on each nipple and began licking my belly button, I moaned in delight, I anticipated her liking my cunt. She pressed on the clamps and the pain surged through me causing me to grunt, and raise my hips. She let the clamps off and kissed my nipples to ease the pain. She used her hand to trace my breasts and ran her fingers down to my waist, she traced my lips with one finger and finally touched my clit. She pushed down on my clit causing me to moan loudly, I lifted my hips a bit and she slapped my thigh. She inserted two fingers in me slowly and massaged me from inside, she licked my clit in rhythm with her fingers and kept the rhythm going, I was close to climax, I gyrated my hips with her rythmic movement. I was moaning louder and louder when she suddenly stopped. I groaned and she told me to tell her what I wanted what I needed. “Oh please make me cum, I need you to touch , my pussy and lick my clit till I cum,  baby please I need you.” I whined to her.

She continued where she left off and as I was cumming she bit me, all over my belly and chest, nibbled softly, at first then a bit harder. My whole body trembled, this was the first time I came with my entire body. I lay there trembling as she untied my legs.

She sat me up and uncuffed me, I lowered the blindfold and looked at her. We smiled at each other. I kissed her lovingly finally able to run my hands through her long hair.

I had never trusted someone so much, i had never experience such pleasure while being limited in my movements. I thanked her and she chuckled. I held her for a while, running my fingers through her hair till we fell asleep. It was my first bondage session, we would do this a few more times each time getting more adventurous with it. I was always the sub and I loved how she dominated me.


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