I should have known she was a freak when I met her at the sex shop. ERICA

I decided it was time to buy my first sex toy, I was a bit overwhelmed as I trolled the aisles in the store. Suddenly she approached me with a smile, Erica, the cute store clerk. She helped me pick out a vibrator. I went home and used it while I thought of her.


November 1999

I was 16, senior in high school. I had a job in the city that I worked at after school, it was a receptionist position and I liked it. I think I liked it mostly for the fact that it was in the city and allowed me to be around an eclectic mix of people. Across the street from this job there was a small storefront, if you didn’t know it was there you’d walk past it every time. The store intrigued me because it didn’t have any signs. You couldn’t tell what kind of store it was. There was only a small placard on the door that said “must be 18 to enter” and it showed that the store was open 24hrs.

One day when the curiosity was killing me and I could no longer contain it I went in. I knew I wasnt old enough but I figured the worst that could happen was that Id be asked to leave but at least I would have seen behind the dark tinted windows and know what was held within. I walked in, and was amazed at the wall of lingerie, toys, and other items placed strategically within. I looked around, there was a couple giggling and looking at toys, an older lady who looked as lost as I was, and a creepy looking dude in the bondage section. I casually strode though the 3 small aisles looking at everything when suddenly I heard a voice. “HI, My name is Erica and if you need any help let me know.” I looked at her for a long time, what felt like an eternity. She was so cute, she had a lip ring and about fifteen earings, she was a light-skinned black girl and had a small waist with a big butt and ample breasts. I stuttered, “umm thanks, I actually have never been in this kind of store, I am a little embarrassed.” She smiled sweetly, and reassured me that it would be fine and to just keep looking around and if anything piqued my curiosity I could ask her any question about it.

I started looking at vibrators, and dildos, till now I had only seen them in the girl on girl porn I liked to watch. I picked up one marked “display only, not for sale,” and somehow it turned on and it started making a loud vibrating noise, and twisting and moving, I let out a gasp and turned beet red, I desperately needed to turn this thing off but did not know how. I was stuck, “oh fuck me..what the hell..how do I turn this off.” I said to myself. I wanted to just throw it down on the shelf but I knew it would just vibrate off the shelf onto the floor, The thought of it made me laugh, so I put it down on the shelf anyway, and sure enough it did as I predicted and flopped on the floor. (Even now as I write this I can’t stop laughing because what happened next was made for a comedy.) I grabbed it off the floor and stuck it under my arm hoping that it would just turn off, I was so mortified; this is why my young ass shouldnt be in this store. So now im standing in the middle of the aisle with a purple rabbit (yeah I know what it is called now,) under my arm pit and it’s twisting and vibrating and I start laughing like a frikkin lunatic. Erica runs over to me laughing and asks “you need help hunny?” She took it away from me and turned it off and placed it back in the shelf. We looked at each other and started laughing uncontrollably.


She asked me how old I was and I lied and said 19, she told me I should probably start with a bullet. Something I could handle “by the way your armpit is not the proper place for a rabbit,” she said jokingly. We laughed at that and I bought a little silver bullet. I returned to work still giggling and got weird glances from my coworkers. I went home that night and tinkered with my new toy, the whole time thinking about Erica.

A few weeks passed by and I thought I could graduate to something more adventurous. I walked into the shop and giggled as I walked by the purple rabbit, Erica was there and grabbed the rabbit and stuck it under my arm. We laughed at this and she proceeded to ask me how the bullet worked out. I told her it was good but I wanted something more, I told her I was thinking about giving the rabbit a home. She told me I was’nt ready for that yet and showed me a simple vibrator, kind of like a longer bullet, the size of a small penis. It was pearl white and used two AAA batteries. She explained I could use it in the shower but not if I was submersed in a bubble bath or something like that. I told her I hated baths to me it was like a germ soup. She chuckled and said “awe you just havent bathed with the right person,” I smiled at her and replied “maybe I will find the right person soon, someone to show me how to enjoy it.” She winked at me and rung me up. I said goodbye to her, and she told me to return soon.

I returned about a month later. Sadly Erica wasnt there this time. I browsed for a few minutes and walked out. I returned the next day hoping she was there. She was, I was excited to see her. I walked right up to the counter and said, “hello beautiful.” She smiled at me, she started chuckling “what? Why you laughing?,” I asked her. She told me how her boss had reviewed the video tapes for the last few months and he showed her the video of me and the rabbit. I laughed I was a bit embarrassed, but she assured me I wasnt the only nor the last one that it happened to. She asked me how the pearl had worked out and I told her I had named it Priscilla, she asked me why not a guys name and I told her it just looked like a Priscilla to me. Then she asked me if I was gay. I was a bit perplexed. I,for some odd reason, always equated the word gay to men who liked men. I explained to her that I liked men but I loved women, “I am bi,” she smiled at me and asked what kind of girl I liked. I tried not to sound desperate, but it just came out of me. “A girl like, you. someone pretty, with colored skin, and a great attitude, plus her long black hair was sexy.” She blushed a little, and asked me if I wanted to hang out sometime. I did, so we did, a few days later.

I was trying to figure out how I would explain my age and how I lied just so she wouldn’t throw me out of the store. I finally blurted it out. “Um I have something to tell you, I lied, I’m really only 16.” She chuckled, “its ok hun,  I figured you were younger than what you said, it’s no biggie. 16 is good im only 17 so…” she said. “Wait how can you work there I thought you could only enter if you were 18 and older?” I asked. She explained that she used her sisters ID and that her boss thought she was 22. We laughed at this. We ended up going to central park, and found a spot where we could smoke a blunt without getting arrested. We lay in the grass looking up at the stars and talking for a long while. Suddenly she kissed me. I saw stars and not the ones in the sky. I kissed back, and we made out for a few minutes. She suddenly got a message on her pager (yes pager, not many people had cellphones wayyyy back when lol), and said she had to go, her mother needed her to do somethings. We said goodbye with one last sensual kiss. I lay there for a few not wanting to lose the moment.

I continued to see Erica for a few years. We were never a couple,  just friends with benefits, neither one of us was looking for a relationship. We would go out and she took me to my first lesbian bar. I used her cousins ID to get in I had my first drink with her. Malibu pineapple, still to this day, my go to drink, when I don’t want to get really drunk, just buzzed. I had such a great time that night. We danced the night away, we both flirted with so , many pretty ladies. I found it arousing to watch her kick it to these girls, she watched , me flirt with a smirk on her face. When I would be talking to a girl I would look over the girl’s shoulder to see Erica blowing me kisses and winking at me. It was fucking awesome, it was so sexy.

After the club we went to her sister’s house. Her sister was away for the weekend with her man so we had the apartment to ourselves. Feeling a bit tipsy I was very giggly, and we sat on the couch and talked, she rolled a blunt and we smoked.

She started by caressing my hand, then my arm, then shoulder. She kissed me softly on the cheek, led me to her sister’s room. We sat on the foot of the bed and she lifted my shirt over my head. She unclasped my bra, and stood back. She looked at my body smiling. “Very nice tits baby,” she whispered. “Are they?” I whispered back. “Uh huh, I want to kiss them,” she said. I leaned forward inviting her to touch me. I went to lift her shirt, but she stopped me. She wanted to please me first, I had to wait my turn.

She ever so gently touched my breast and then proceeded to kiss them. She let her hands explore my body and I let her. She pulled my pants off, panties and all, and went down on me. I was so open at this point, she could do whatever she wanted to me but I wanted my turn. I wanted it now. “I want you, let me taste you,” I said softly , “wait, honey im not done with you yet,” was her reply. She rose off the bed and grabbed her back pack and pulled out none other than the elusive purple rabbit. I chuckled and she winked at me. “I think you are ready for this now,” she said. “Hmmmm I guess we will see.” I whispered. She went back down on me and then pulled away. She gently inserted it in me and turned it on low. I wasnt ready for its intensity, I didn’t realize how good it would feel. Ithrusted my hips to its rhythm and leaned my head back and closed my eyes. She began kissing me  while she handled the rabbit. She then licked my nipples and I could feel myself about to cum. “Look at me baby,” she said softly in my ear. I opened my eyes, and let out a long soft moan, “im going to cum baby,” I saiD.

“Go ahead boo, let it out,” she said as she looked at me and blew me a kiss. I let go and my legs trembled, I squeezed my legs together and grabbed at her hair. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her. I pulled away and told her “my turn baby girl, lay down.”

I did my part, and not having any real experience with females (up till this point Maria had been the only one), I wasnt sure how good I was going to be. I was surprised at how natural it was. There was no need for effort I just did what I thought she wanted, I knew what I liked so I did what I felt she responded to. We fooled around for a while until we both collapsed in an embrace and snuggled till we woke up a few hours later.

Erica would be my teacher, she would allow me to experiment, we watched lesbian porn and would try the things we saw. She introduced me to a bevy of toys and fetishes, new positions,  and places I had never been to sexually. She was the first to introduce me to light bondage, I really enjoyed that, but that’s a story for another time.


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