I really don’t know what it is about him, but the thought, makes me quiver. Simply closing my eyes and thinking of his hands running down my body; clutching, grabbing, feeling all of me, makes me throb. I get lost in a world where I hear and see nothing except him and I. Like a silent movie that plays in my mind. I am eager to narrate it for you. Take a glimpse into the fantasy that is, HIM.

Eagerly trying on dresses for my date tonight. Handsome, confident, sexy. He is a man’s man, tough, rugged, cocky….

I often picture peacocks when I see a bunch of men, it makes me laugh. When a pretty hen walks by, the cocks stut their stuff, suddenly their feathers are stiff, risen to show off their assets.  Oh my, I’ve strayed off topic, let me get back to him.

He loves to say he’s taller than me, but we all know I’m exactly his height. But me being me I let him win that argument. His smile is great, there is something so genuine about it, but if you don’t know him you’d never see that smile. As manly and hard as he is, he’s just as gentle and loving. Accomplished and independant, he doesn’t need anyone to take care of him, but I would gladly do it if he asked. There’s an aura of calm he possess, but you wouldn’t know it, if you didn’t really know him.

The anticipation of dressing for him and seeing his reaction is forming a raging storm within me. The excitement is beyond a capacitive level and I find myself moist as I walk through the shops looking for the perfect dress for him to rip off. It has to be a dress most definitely, it has to be. Something he could possibly steal a feel through, I love when he does that. As I’m about to give up hope on finding it, like a scene out of a corny flick, I see it. A black a white tight fitting pencil dress. Listen, I’m no style expert, so the description will never do it justice. All I can say is I put it on and it was perfect, it Accentuated one of my best features; my ass. Not only did it form it but it amplified it, made my waist look really small, needless to say I fell in love with it right away. Plus I already had the perfect shoes to go with it so I was ready.

Rushed home to get ready. Music playing, bachata, oh how I love bachata, something about hearing a man sing about loving a woman while the beat plays..ahh…. Sorry can’t help it…

Finally, I get a text, he’s on his way. Like a child enter the gates of Disney; my anticipation is so strong that I can’t stand still. The butterflies in my belly are fluttering, their sound beats like a drum loudly in my head. As I hear the car pull up I’m smiling ear to ear. There’s a heat rushing through me, my heart is racing, I’m throbbing, salivating, as I reach for the door.

He’s standing there staring at me. I follow his eyes as they travel their way down my body and then back up to my breast. He lingers there for a second and then looks at me grinning. I purposely turn around and invite him in. In my foyer mirror I see him looking at my ass. He’s biting his lip, I guess he think I’m good enough to eat!??  Damn I love this dress. He’s wearing something simple, fitted t shirt and jeans. In his hands are bags, unsure of his plan, I ask what’s in store.

“Well I knew once I saw you that I would want to leave the house, especially with your booty looking that good.” He winked at he as he put the bags down.

Grabbing my waist he pulls me close and puts his forehead on mine. His hands travel, going over every curve I have to offer. Squeezing my ass with one hand, he uses the other to turn my chin up to kiss him. I hadn’t yet put on my heels, and it is in this moment that I realize, he is in fact about an inch taller. This thought makes me chuckle, and eyebrow raised he smiles at me.

“I love this dress, you look amazing, babe.” He whispers as he kisses my neck. He knows that little spot right below my ear, the spot just under the earlobe, is my weak zone; so he kisses me softly, sending shivers down my spine.

I’m throbbing again, but this time I’m also aching. The thought of seeing him had me hot and wanting all day, and now all I want is to be his. Willing to do everything and anything as long as he rewarded me with his touch. I was open, melting right here in my foyer. We hadn’t even made it past the front table and already I was wanting to get on all fours. I grabbed his face and passionately kissed him, letting a hand trail down to feel him.

Feeling that he is already hard is excitement. Could he have been wanting me as a badly all day, as I him? But it really didn’t matter if he did, what mattered is that right now I was going to get what my body was screaming for. Suddenly his hands went to my ass and I felt him lift me. As if following a script, my body reacted to his direction. Legs wrapped around him as he walked us further into the apartment. His lips never left my skin, starting at the lips and trailing down my neck to my collarbone.

I’m throbbing again, and the ache so grand that I let out a soft moan. I can feel myself wet now, my hips grinding against his. This perfect dress has played along marvelously, it knew to rise above my waist when he lifted me. The stars are aligned, everything is perfect, my back is suddenly pressed against the wall. This makes my hips press harder against his.

With my back on the wall, his hand on my collar bone, the other on my waist, he thrusts inside me. I’m throbbing again, but this time he feels it too. Feeling weak instantly; releasing the days anxiety, a long low moan escapes me. As he thrusts deep inside me I suddenly feel ravenous. Like a wild bear I grab at him, scratch, and bite his neck. Sucking on his jugular like a starved vampire, lusting.

Pulling himself out of me slowly, he pulls my mouth to his for a sensual exchange. While kissing him I whimper “nooooo don’t stop.”

“I’ve wanted to feel you inside of me for so long babe, don’t stop.” I begged. Feeling like an addict, needing a fix in the worse way.

Saying nothing, he guides me to the kitchen, and I’m getting really excited again. Lifting me onto the kitchen counter he positions me. I’m prime for probing, and still throbbing. He lets his hands explore my body, squeezing my breasts, tracing my silhouette. “Im taking my time with you, it’s all I could think of lately. I hope you don’t mind, but it’s going to be a long ride.” Looking me in the eye as he said this. Reaching for my clit, he touches slightly, I’m throbbing again. Throbbing so much that it feels like my heart is beating inside my vagina. My body is on fire, I can feel every strand of hair on every inch of my body standing, like I’m electrified. I hardly catch my breath enough to blurt out “I’m yours.”

With my approval he continues to play with me. Rubbing my clit, while sucking on my tits. My loins spilling sweetness over his fingers. His mouth is moving downwards slowly, I’m waiting for his mouth to reach my pus and taste me. Oh but he’s moving so slowly, taking his time, I’m throbbing some more, his hand feels it inside me. Finally as if reading my mind, I feel the warmth of his tongue on my clit and I explode, my back arches and I tense my legs around his face. Now sucking on my vulva he feels my tension followed by my sweetest release. Lapping it up like a thirsty puppy, “don’t spill a drop baby, oooh I like how you do that….” I try and whisper, but nothing really comes out.

Pulling his face away from me was a hard  decision, it felt so good to have him eating me out, but I wanted more. I was still throbbing, I needed to quench this thirst. I needed him inside me. If he wants to take it slow we could do that, but he would be inside me, one way or another. As his face got closer to mine I reached for his cock. It was rock hard and even holding it in my hand was making me throb. Stroking him as I kissed his cheek and positioned myself to get off the counter and stand in front of him. I turned him so his back was now leaning against the island, and I went down on my knees. Knowing what he liked, and that he wanted to go slow, I teased him. Slowly kissing his thighs, brushing my face past his groin, with my hand still stroking his hardness.

Giving him oral has always been a turn on for me. It makes me throb just think about it. Something about the way he moans, breathes, and moves in rhythm with me; leaves me moist. Trying to take it slow never works for me. It won’t work because I’m throbbing, and it’s so loud now that I hear my heartbeat in my ears as well as feel it in my pubis. I finish giving him head and stand, grabbing hishand I try and lead him to my room. He stops me, “no Hun, tonight we are blessing every piece of furniture, but for right now we will pause, let’s eat, drink some wine.” He says to me giving me a peck on the cheek.

Mentally, I shout at the top of my lungs for him to stop being a pussy and just fuck me. But I just pout instead. “Baaabbbyyyy, I need you, just a little bit more. Why you playing with me?”  I asked shyly.

“I like how hungry you get for me. I promise I will take care of you, but you will wait for it. I want you body to scream for it even louder than it is now.” He whispers, while he grabs a handful of hair, the electricity flowing through my body, and once again, making me throb.

“I’m throbbing for your love!” I whisper to him

“I know” he says “I want it that way.”







Stuck on you like the tattoo that adorns your arm.

Immortalized in ink, pinned up on you.

Stuck on me like the tattoo behind my ear.

Forever whispering your name.



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Dalè, hit it, dalè dúro.

I have no clue why I just wrote that. Really don’t know why I named this piece Dalè. Let’s see if it stays the same by the time I finish.

Currently sitting in the den, staring at an iPhone screen. “uptown funk” playing on the radio. I’m jammin’ chillin waiting a few more minutes till I go pick up the lil one. I wanted to open the app and just start typing away, my thumbs running a marathon to tell a story.  

Instead, I am sitting here writing about nothing, no one will read it. Whatever I’m killing the time right,? In my head there is a silent movie playing. I see the characters moving about telling their voiceless stories. Watching their movements makes me want to narrate it, yet as I sit here, my thumbs stamp out a useless rant about wanting to write but not being able to. Wait, what?? How is this possible I start thinking to myself, I am literally seeing this movie play out, and I can hear the story, but it gets lost in translation. 

I guess it’s cause instead of relishing in it I am trying to narrate it. I’m not enjoying this flick right now, I have a headache. Tending to overthink things. I’m saving this draft at 4:41pm today 3/18/15. 

Written memories

As I age and memories start to fade,

I will write down every special moment spent with HIM.

When I am too old to remember who I am,

I hope someone will read these stories aloud.

So that the fantasies of HIM can be retold to me

like fairy tales to children.



another I wrote while sitting and thinking of him. Him love me and I love him loving me.


Remember the days when we waited on trains.

Our teenage years,

the best years.

There was nothing to lose,

and a whole lot to gain.

Exploring our city,

so much for us to absorb.

Lincoln center, Times Square,

Brooklyn bridge, of course.

Remember the waterfalls,

in Central Park?

Or the many trees,

with our names carved into their bark?

Even sitting on Roosevelt island at night,

The NYC skyline was a beautiful sight.

A few moments, committed to my memory.

I love that it was you,

that did them all with me.



Lately I have been writing love poems. Guess it’s Him paying me so much attention. Hope you enjoy. Feedback appreciated thanks.




She stood at the doorway, listening. She saw him laying in bed on his side, as he did when he slept. But as she listened she realized he was only feigning sleep. He was playing coy. She smirked as she crept towards the bed. Her hand softly touching his calf, then slowly tracing fingers over his knee towards his thigh. He tried to hide the smile forming on his face, he turned into the pillow, but she caught him and chuckled. “Too bad you’re asleep,” she whispered, “I had so many plans for us.”  She lay next to him and continued tracing her fingers on his arm. No longer able to contain himself he rolled over to face her. They both giggled and as she arched an eyebrow her hands reached behind his head pulling him in for a kiss. He stopped and stared at her and said “too bad you’re awake, I had plans to wake you myself.”  They chuckled in unison, then hands explored as body temperatures rose.

Postin up on a Saturday 

My submission for SoCS is brief. Been a while since I logged in to WordPress but I’m going to enjoy these again. Enjoy

Pitty pat pitty pat, goes the rain.

Who put the pet in the pot on the train?

My friend Pat’s pit bull is a petite pet, somehow.

Put enough food in his potbelly, he’ll grow fast now.

Petty arguments put people in pity parties, all day long.

Here’s the worlds smallest violin, put it in a song.



20 randoms about me

I am a mom of 3 girls.

I have a million stories in my brain.

I’m a city girl with country dreams.

My sarcasm is ridiculous, sometimes.

I’m old enough to know better

But young enough to enjoy life

I’ve had a job since I was about 13yrs old

I regret never finishing college

I love cooking, but not the clean up.

I can’t ever say no to an almond joy or kit kat.

I can turn off my ears when I’m writing.

Sometimes I’ll have a full conversation with myself.

I’m confident enough to know #12 doesn’t make me insane.

I talk to my mom everyday.

I am a lion amongst my pride.

While I still ❤️NY, I’m over it and want to leave.

If I was stranded on an island I’d write stories in the sand.

I created a public page because my private page is for family.

I don’t care if my writings ever become famous as long as people read it.

That’s a lie, I want my work to be talked about in English classes.

©C.S. Minor